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Released in early 2018, MADE FROM SCRATCH is a full-length CD containing 17 songs written, performed and recorded in my Spare Bedroom Studio. Some of these songs date back as much as 20 years, but most of them are recent compositions, written especially for this release.

Track Listing

  1. Hats Off to Beer
  2. Shiftin’ Gears
  3. Banjo in the Back Seat
  4. I Don’t Usually Drink This Much
  5. A Long Way Back From Zero
  6. It’s Been a Long Day
  7. Three Good Sets
  8. Up to the Lake
  9. Homemade Bourbon
  10. Cottonseed Waltz
  11. Long Black Train (for Johnny Cash)
  12. You Can’t Lose Your Whiskey
  13. Summer Song
  14. Growin’ Old With You
  15. Another Song About Drinkin’
  16. Weather the Storm
  17. Made From Scratch

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